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You made it!

Lauri Splatter-Animated Image (Small).gif

Are you ready to get Artrageous?

The show you just walked into...

isn't your average sit back and watch kind of show...

We want you involved right from the top!

Earn points throughout the show to put towards your favourite Artrageous Merchandise!

This App has 3 sections - It's time to check them out now...

Where you can beat

that awkward moment

of having to meet new 

people or talk to your

parents or read and reread

your program or scroll on your phone.

Jump in!

We'll keep you entertained.

We'll tell you when...

but you're going

need this a few times

during the show.

Don't go... At least

Don't go very far...

We'll miss you!

This is where you

can take our survey,

connect with us on social,

learn about our history

and sign up for our Newsletter!

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