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About the Artrageous Show



Artrageous is a troupe of multi-talented Live performance artists, world-class singers, and recording artists, highly trained dancers, and audience motivators, and veteran musicians hailing from the high desert of New Mexico. Their high energy performance is a combination of ALL ARTS on ONE STAGE, combined with humor and interaction in a frenzy of movement and color.

Artrageous has a passion for all things art and community and they bring their message of the arts being an integral and valuable part of human existence to the stage, leaving their audience of all ages singing, dancing, and clapping along.

Artrageous has been fortunate to perform for theatre-goers and celebrities alike and their artworks are in private and public galleries around the world.


Costumed Artrageous troupe members greet patrons in the theatre encouraging them to choose a souvenir finger light ring and participate in fun art activities where they win prizes and create their own original works of art on a troupe member. Artrageous actors teach members of the audience dance moves they will use later and pick brave volunteers to join the troupe on stage for special numbers in the show.

Our custom Artrageous soundtrack plays while creative art quotes and Artrageous facts are displayed on the video screen leaving the audience intrigued as to what will happen next.

“Each scene or musical number includes some sort of audience participation.”

The audience is immersed in the world of Artrageous and become participants in the show, not merely watchers. For the brave audience members, they are invited to join the troupe on stage for special numbers featuring their creativity. For the more mild audience members, the Artrageous vocalists will instruct vocal parts as they sing along and use their souvenir finger lights to create a light show.

There is something for everyone, whether you are a performer at heart or just want to be thoroughly entertained.

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Never before have so many live arts been presented on one stage.

Artists, using hands, brushes, and other objects, create visual art pieces making lines and shapes on giant canvas’ while the audience is intrigued to guess what each painting will become. Lines and brush strokes become portraits of famous icons in a matter of moments. All the while, live musicians are performing popular musical styles from pop to country to Artrageous original music with Artrageous’ powerful vocalists creating smooth harmonies.

Our Artrageous dancers incorporate dance moves that the audience learned before the show and the audience can’t help but dance in the aisles and at their seats. The troupe incorporates their street theatre roots and introduces the ancient art of life-size puppetry as their puppet Howard takes the audience on an imaginative dream through a world of blacklight where masterpiece paintings are created by a team of artists as the painting seems to appear out of thin air. The audience is in awe as they see floating people and paintings appear in Howard’s blacklight world.

The grand finale integrates live music, vocalists, and a trio of art creations leaving the audience on their feet dancing, singing, and clapping along.


At the end of the performance, the entire audience is invited on stage to interact with the exclusive, created just for them, Live Arts Installation. The audience can view the artworks created during the presentation and enjoy a completely unique view of the show. The audience has a chance to meet the troupe and take photos as they walk through the gallery of live art.


A signature of Artrageous Artwork is Splatter! Take advantage of this unique to Artrageous opportunity! After the show on stage, audience members are invited to bring up one of their favorite t-shirts or hats or pair of shoes…Get creative! Step into the (Free) Artrageous Splatter Station and have one of the Artists turn your gear into a custom art piece!




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