As Artists & Musicians we’re honored to have been on stage with Harrison Ford, Jay Leno, General Colin Powell, Sir Richard Branson to name a few… and we’re excited to share the stage next with you!



  • Roosevelt Pearce
    Wonderful experience. I would recommend it to anyone. Great for kids.
  • RL Stewart
    FUN! Singing, dancing, and ART–large scale paintings completed to songs you know & love, right as you watch. The collaboration of the performers is impressive: many of the painters also sing and dance. It truly is worth seeing and family-friendly fun for all! The blacklight part was a cool part of the show, too. If you get a chance, go see Artrageous! You’ll be glad for the experience.
  • Teresa Richter
    What an amazing production. The show was entertaining from start to finish. Incredible talent from the artist combined with the musicality of the singers made the show spellbinding. Absolutely enjoyed every minute!
  • Kim Sands Chabot
    This show was awesome!! The performers were all so talented!!! The great thing about this show was that it was so different from anything I’ve ever seen. My husband and I loved it.
  • Karen LV
    Infinite thanks for your performance.
  • Laura Young Wotring
    Such a wonderfully unique show. You guys were amazing!
  • Carol C
    Hello Artrageous,
    My husband and I live at Huntington Lakes, you were performing there on Saturday, February 2nd. We want to say that we loved it. The artwork, the singers, the outfits, the colors. We want to say Thank You. I am not speaking only for ourselves, but for everyone in the audience as we were exiting I heard the people say: What a wonderful show, I really enjoyed seeing them. Artrageous, it was our first time seeing your performance, but it will not be the last. Thank you again for a wonderful evening.
  • Tammie Marie Huntington
    We LOVED our experience with Artrageous tonight in Muncie, Indiana! Unlike any experience we have ever had! THE BEST CONCERT EXPERIENCE EVER!!! Thank you SO MUCH for doing LIVE ART and LIVE MUSIC and inviting us to join in! My daughter (pictured), just started saxophone in 6th grade, came to life at seeing a sax played onstage! We are FANS FOR LIFE!!!!
  • Cherie & Jon Czaplicki
    You all gave us a fabulous show! Hubby Jon was recruited by Herbie to go onstage – how fun! His stage name was Nizhonie, the Navajo word for beautiful! Your audience participation was second to none.  Very fun! Your painted images were incredible, your music divine, the light show wonderful, and your energy contagious! Please come again!!
  • Joanna Grymes
    Thanks for an engaging evening!
  • Deanna Anderson
    I was there, it was amazing.
  • Kimberley G
    Artrageous was an amazing experience that I seriously wasn’t expecting to absolutely love. My wife loves art and music so I thought what better way to combine the two and bring her to see this performance for her birthday. She and I both really enjoyed it and the performers/artists are beyond what I expected. I highly recommend everyone to go and see them. They were mind blowing and truly talented.
  • Michelle Fitzgerald
    Went to see you guys in Bolivia, North Carolina. Will you be going back there again? It was by far the most amazing show I have ever seen and been apart of. You all are making a difference. My children have talked to my husband and myself about how they are starting to look at things differently because anything IS POSSIBLE. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH.
  • Gowithgrace2015
    Artrageous was great!!





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