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The Electrifying Art & Music Circus!

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The Artrageous Show Features:

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"WOW!!! What a show! What Artistry!"

"So spectacular, So immediate, So brilliantly creative!" 
- NBA All-Stars

"Go see this show!"

Step into this outrageous adventure of arts: the ONLY show where you can witness the fusion of live art, rock concert, imaginative movement, vocal performance, comedy, blacklight Bunraku, Artpunk wear, and inclusion in one magical experience. Feel the anticipation to see if the artist will complete the painting in time and guess what is being created until the very last brushstroke. 92.3% of fans voted Artrageous the best show they’ve ever seen.

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"Fun! And Filled with Love!"

"You’re the best!" 
- Harrison Ford

"You have to see it to believe it!"
- Washington Post

The Artrageous show is DIFFERENT FROM ANYTHING you’ve ever experienced. Artistry, imagination, and teamwork are the tools and Artrageous is the best place for your family and friends to come together for some pure, joyful, fun, and create lasting memories together! Fans agreed and rated Artrageous 4.95/5 for creating a connection.

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"HIGHLY Recommend it!"

"We’ve had Bono, we’ve had Mariah, we’ve had everyone here but I’ve never seen anything like this! World-Class Entertainment!" 
- Sir Richard Branson

Artrageous is the ONLY immersive art experience where you are the heart of the show. Take Artrageous home with you… bring a

t-shirt or item to put in our Creation Lab where an Artrageous Artist creates a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art for you, included in the price of admission. More than a show - it’s a revolution of how teamwork, community, and connection can create lasting inspiration throughout your life. This is how fun and energizing the arts can be.



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