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Artrageous in Quarantine

Hello Friends,

Sending this Newsletter and hoping you are all happy, healthy, and vibrant!

We are thinking of you!

I'm sure you know that we wish we could wrap our arms around each and

every one of you!

It seems that each person is handling this time in quarantine so differently than

anyone else. And I think that is a very important point. If you are handling it by reading

a lot or enjoying the time with your kids or being a boss and holding everyone together

or if you are just holding yourself together or giving your kids more screen time

and packaged meals than you would like just because that is literally all you can do,

that is perfect too. Please let's not compare ourselves with our neighbor. We are all doing a great job!

We are fortunate here in NM, in my opinion, and have the ideal setup for something

like this to happen to the world. Even then, it is hard. Dang hard. We are all sheltering

at home together so are able to use a team effort to get things done.

We share tasks like cleaning and shopping...

And of course, there are music nights and movie nights and craft nights. But still,

friends, it's hard...

In this quarantine time, it made me realize just how important the arts are. It's not that I didn't know how they improve your brain and your state and help with balance and aging and all sorts of amazing things. I just realized it in a more essential way... Imagine being in quarantine without arts, without creativity, without entertainment. Arts add a light to the day. They uplift and make you feel in a deeper way. Arts create a certain kind of freedom that can release you from the ordinary. Arts should never be looked at as a luxury after this!

As a community of artists and creative types, when our tour got cut short and with uncertainty of the future of entertainment and gatherings, we were left a little bit floundering... At least I was. We decided to use the time to work on the Business side of things that we usually can't get to while on tour.